How To Fix SSL Certificate Error in Google Chrome

How to fix SSL Certificate Error

Fix SSL Certificate Error in Google Chrome: SSL is just an internet protocol for privacy protection for websites. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers where you won’t find this protection on all website you surf! They are used for safe sharing of data such as passwords or confidential information. And some browsers got this feature as inbuilt ones which include Google Chrome! The default settings will be Medium and if its mismatch with SSL Certificates then it results in SSL Connection Errors.

SSL certificate error in google chrome

Your browser will try to connect with SSL certificates to secure site when the SSL certificates have not expired, with the certification authority trust and for all big websites including eCommerce websites.

How To Fix SSL Certificate Error in Google Chrome

Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Add Trusted Sites to the Security List

1.Open google chrome and go to “Settings.”

2.Scroll down to bottom and click on “Show advanced settings.”

3.Now scroll till you find “Change proxy settings” under network and click it.

change proxy settings google chrome

4. Alternate way if you don’ have chrome, then go to control panel, select “Network and Internet“, again select “Network and Sharing Center” and from there select “Internet Options” from the bottom left corner in “See also” window panel.

internet options

5.Now within the Internet Properties window go to security tab, select “Trusted Sites” and click on “Sites.”

internet properties trusted sites

6.Type the site which is giving you the “SSL Certificate Error” in “Add this website to the zone:” example: or and click on “Add” button & close.

add trusted websites

7.Verify that the security level for the Trusted site is set to “Medium” if not set it, click apply and OK.

This is it for method 1, go on try if this work for you and if not move forward.

Method 2: Adjust Date & Time of Windows

1.Click on the date and time on the taskbar and then select “Date and time settings.”

2.If on Windows 10, make “Set Time Automatically” to “on.”

set time automatically on windows 10

3.For others, click on “Internet Time” and tick mark on “Automatically synchronize with Internet time server.”

Time and Date

4.Select Server “” and click update and “OK”. You don’t need to complete update. Just click OK.

Again check if the issue with the “SSL Certificate Error” is resolved or not.

Method 3: Temporary Fix

This is just a temporary fix which doesn’t show you the error message but the error is still there.

1.Right Click on Google Chrome Shortcut.

2.Go to Properties and tap on “Target” tab and modify it.

3.Copy and paste this text ” –ignore-certificate-errors” without quotes.

ignore certificate errors google chrome

4.Click OK and Save it.

Method 4: Clear SSL State Cache

1.Open google chrome and go to “Settings.”

2.Scroll down to bottom and click on “Show advanced settings..”

3.Now scroll till you find “Change proxy settings” under network and click it.

4.Go to “Content” tab and click on “Clear SSL state.”

Clear SSL state chrome

5.Close everything and reboot your PC to save changes.

Method 5: Use SSL Unblocker

You can always use SSL unblocker in case you have to visit some site and you are getting SSL certificate error, note that it will not fix your issue but will just give you a temporary way of accessing the websites.

Method 6: Make sure Google Chrome and Windows are up to date

1. Go to Options > About Google Chrome.

chrome update manually

2.There you’ll see the current version you’re running and that an update is available. Click Relaunch and you’ll be running the latest version in no time.

3.Click on Windows 10 start menu and select “Settings.”

4.In settings select “Update & Security.”

5.Now click “Check for update” and if there is an update available then download and install them.

check for updates

If your problem is still not resolved go here (How To Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome).

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That’s it people these steps would have successfully Fix SSL Certificate Error in Google Chrome and you may be able to work with Chrome without any problem. If you still have any queries regarding this guide please feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. raju

    after adjusting time and date ssl error was fixed .. thnku

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    Time adjustment worked for me. Oshi (it
    means thanks in native Nigerian dialect of Bekwara in Cross River State)

  3. royal

    Google search website is not opening in my pc by using any web browser. Non of the method given above does not worked. please help.

  4. Kamran

    Thank you so much brother , after setting and updating my date and time , this issue is resolved , thank you so much again

  5. Rosa

    My website host company want to charge me $500 to set my website as safe so people using Chrome don’t get a message saying the website is unsafe is this necessary?

  6. KL Koli

    I can not open any site by google crom when I click google crom message appear Your connection is not private.Pl give solution

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