Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome

Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome (Err_Connection_Timed_Out)

Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome (Err_Connection_Timed_Out): There are number of reason as to why you are seeing the error message when visiting a website through Google Chrome, such as outdated chrome, corrupted files, DNS not responding, bad proxy configuration or connection might be blocked from hosts file itself, etc.

Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome (Err_Connection_Timed_Out)

ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT: This web page is not available error means that your internet connection is limited. Well, there are few simple troubleshooting steps which are going to solve this problem easily, so without wasting any time let’s see how to Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome.

Before making any changes to your system make sure to create a system restore point.

Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome

Method 1: Edit the Windows Host file

1.Press Windows Key + Q then type Notepad and right-click on it to select Run as administrator.

2.Now click File then select Open and browse to the following location:


3.Next, from the file type select All Files.

hosts files edit

4.Then select hosts file and click open.

5.Delete everything after the last # sign.

delete everything after #

6.Click File>save then close notepad and restart your PC.

Method 2: Clear Browsing Data

When the browsing data is not cleared from a long time then this can also cause Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome (Err_Connection_Timed_Out).

1.Open Google Chrome and press Cntrl + H to open history.

2.Next, click Clear browsing data from the left panel.

clear browsing data

3.Make sure the “beginning of time” is selected under Obliterate the following items from.

4.Also, check mark the following:

Browsing history
Download history
Cookies and other sire and plugin data
Cached images and files
Autofill form data

clear chrome history since the beginning of time

5.Now click Clear browsing data and wait for it to finish.

6.Close your browser and restart your PC.

Method 3: Flush/Renew DNS & IP

1.Press Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt (Admin).

command prompt admin

2.In the cmd type the following and hit enter after each one:

a) ipconfig /flushdns
b) ipconfig /registerdns
c) ipconfig /release
d) ipconfig /renew
e) netsh winsock reset

ipconfig settings

3.Restart your PC to apply changes.

Method 4: Uncheck proxy option

1.Press Windows Key + R then type “inetcpl.cpl” and hit enter to open Internet Properties.

inetcpl.cpl to open internet properties

2.Next, Go to Connections tab and select LAN settings.

Lan settings in internet properties window

3.Uncheck Use a Proxy Server for your LAN and make sure “Automatically detect settings” is checked.

Uncheck Use a Proxy Server for your LAN

4.Click Ok then Apply and reboot your PC.

Method 5: Use Google DNS

1.Open Control Panel and click on Network and Internet.

2.Next, click Network and Sharing Center then click on Change adapter settings.

change adapter settings

3.Select your Wi-Fi then double click on it and select Properties.

Wifi properties

4.Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

Internet protocal version 4 (TCP IPv4)

5.Check mark “Use the following DNS server addresses” and type the following:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

use the following DNS server addresses in IPv4 settings

6.Click Ok and restart your PC.

Method 6: Delete your Default folder

Note: Deleting the Default folder will delete all your chrome data and personalization. If you don’t want to delete the default folder then rename it and copy it somewhere safe.

1. Press Windows key + R and copy the following into the dialog box:

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\

Chrome user data folder rename

2.Locate the Default Folder and permanently delete it using the keys: Shift + Delete

3.Reboot and open chrome to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 7: Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

The official Google Chrome Cleanup Tool helps in scanning and removing software’s that may cause the problem with chrome such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can’t get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience.

That’s it you have successfully Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome (Err_Connection_Timed_Out) but if you still have any queries regarding this post feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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    none of these worked for the website I can’t access anymore huhuhuhu

  2. Jack

    Flush/renew works for m, but in other 5, 10 minutes same problem comes back.

  3. Hendricks

    I cleared my browsing data and it worked perfectly.

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