How to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10

11. June 2016 How to, Windows 10
How to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10

Headphones not working in Windows 10 Fix: I am running the public release of Windows 10 on a Dell laptop that has the Realtek HD audio adapter and this is how I fixed getting the headphone jack to send audio to my external speaker system and to the so-so internal speakers of the laptop!
fix Headphones not working in Windows 10

NOTE: Before trying all these fixes make sure you have appropriate drivers for you sound card, as in my case its Realtek and you can download the default drivers from here.

Method 2 seems to work for everyone in fixing Headphones not working in Windows 10 problem so try it before any else method.

Solution to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10:


  1. Right click on your sound icon.
    Right click on your sound icon
  2. Click on Sounds and then go to Playback tab.
  3. Select your Speakers/Headphones and click on Properties.
    plyaback devices sound
  4. You’ll see Controller Information and a button “Properties“, click it.
    speaker properties
  5. Click on Change Settings (Needs Administrators permission)
    high definition audio device properties
  6. Go to the Driver tab and select Update Driver.
    update drivers
  7. Let it download automatically.
    update drivers automatically
  8. Done! You can go check your headphone now. It should work, if not restart and check.

If above doesn’t fix your problem lets go to method 2.


  1. Right click on “This PC” or  “My Computer” and select “Properties.
    This PC properties
  2. In Properties windows in the left plane select “Device Manager.
    device manager
  3. Under Sound, Video and Game controllers, right click on High Definition Audio Device and select “Properties.
    High Definition Audio Device Properties
  4. Now go to Driver tab in High Definition Audio Device Properties and click on “Update Driver.
    Update driver sound
  5. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
    browse my computer for driver software
  6. And then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  7. Select High Definition Audio Device, click Next, Click yes to the warning.
    update driver of high definition audio device

It should work at this point. Restart your computer and check for headphone.

If not than go to method 3.



If you have installed the Realtek software, open the Realtek HD Audio Manager , and check the “Disable front panel jack detection” option, under connector settings in the right side panel. The headphones and other audio devices work without any problem.

Although METHOD 2 works like charm, but i am sure these method will fix your problem with Headphones not working in Windows 10 easily.

That’s it go and enjoy your speakers but if you still have any queries or the methods didn’t worked out for you please let me know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “How to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10”

  • 1
    Dave Hamilton on June 18, 2016 Reply

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L750.
    After migrating from Windows7 to Widows10 I have to manually select speakers or headphones depending on which device I want to use.
    I have followed your method 1 and method 2. The dialog boxes indicated the drivers were up to date, and I observed my settings appeared to be identical to those in your guide.
    Thanks, Dave

    • 2
      adityafarrad on June 19, 2016 Reply

      i am glad it worked and welcome 🙂

  • 3
    Dave Hamilton on June 18, 2016 Reply

    It worked. After I did a full power down and restart, the sound system began working correctly.
    It would appear selecting the Power – Restart is not adequate.

    • 4
      adityafarrad on June 19, 2016 Reply

      okay thanks for mentioning it will help others!

  • 5
    Samveg Chauhan on June 30, 2016 Reply

    i have windows 10, method 1 & 2 didnt seem to working… so i manually downloaded latest realtek drivers, ran realtek hd audio manager, but there IS no “connecter setting” option please help

    • 6
      adityafarrad on June 30, 2016 Reply

      if you don’t see the connector setting than uninstall realtek hd manager, and try the steps shown in the video, hope this helps!

  • 7
    Jacin c'land on October 9, 2016 Reply

    if one item is playing, my headphone works. but if jumped to next song i’ve 2 replug z headphone song.. next take out headphone n plug it again”’like zt problem..+ only speaker is apearing on playback devices no headphone…help pls

    • 8
      adityafarrad on October 10, 2016 Reply

      hi, okay so there are few things which you could definitely try, first follow the advice given in these two videos: and this if they don’t help then do this:
      1.Try to restore your windows to the earlier time.
      2.Try to clean your headphone jack and install all the latest drivers from manufacturer’s website.
      3.Uninstall and reinstall all the sound drivers.
      4.Install Realtek device manager (obviously if you are using Realtek audio chip)
      5.Check if the headphones are working fine by using it with your mobile or another PC.
      6.Check for malware on your PC with your antivirus sometimes viruses are known to cause some of these issues.

      Get back to me after try all this.

  • 9
    GMC on November 1, 2016 Reply

    The first suggestion worked perfectly. Many thanks for posting.

  • 10
    Kolunas on March 2, 2017 Reply

    I have a Toshiba satellite p55w. and it recently updated my audio driver to conexant and the speakers work but the headphones isnt registering at all. Also method one and two didnt work and i dont know if realtek will work. The headphones only stopped working after i did a windows update 2 days ago.

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